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We got a puppy!!

8 Jul

We finally surprised our kiddos with a puppy, and boy were they surprised!
Here’s the story ….
A friend of mine found him sitting on her porch about 3 weeks ago. She sent her kids around her neighborhood to try and find the owner but no one claimed him. So she took him to the animal shelter bc they already have 2 dogs and as much as she wanted to keep him, she couldn’t. Her son texted mine asking if we wanted a puppy, and of course, we said no. Two weeks later after watching a video about a boy & his dog being the best of friends my hubby said, “we need to get the kids a dog!” I was SHOCKED! But I quickly called my friend to see if she still had the dog. She did! I was so EXCITED!! A week later we’re on our wat to pick up our new family doggy! At this point, the kids still don’t have a clue…EXCITING! We pull up to their house & we tell the kids to stay in the car. A few short minutes later we tell them to come inside and as they’re walking in my hubby is walking out holding the puppy saying, here’s our new dog!” THEY DON’T BELIEVE HIM!!! They said, “whatever dad, we don’t believe you.” It was great! I think they were still in shock as we were driving away with our first ever family dog….OREO! So here we are one week later and we are so happy with our decision to call him our own! We’re new to being pet owners, so we’ve been googling ALOT! LOL We had our first Vet appointment on Tuesday. Oreo weighs 17 pounds and is about 10-12 weeks. He’s going to be a BIG doggy! He’s a happy, active, playful, loving pup! The kids absolutely adore him.