5 Days with Friends

7 Jun

May was a very eventful month for this family of mine! From birthday parties to church functions, to friends visiting and hanging out at the ranch…

We. Were. Busy.

One of the highlights of the month is that our friends from The Valley came to visit for 5 unforgettable days! Our kids had a blast, our husband’s reunited, and we bonded!
Have u ever been friends with someone for years but never realized how much you have in common? Well, she & I have always known we had stuff in common, but it wasn’t until May that we discovered how much. And let me tell you, it’s crazy!

Hearing her share her story in detail, was like listening to my own, just different characters. The fear, confusion, hurt and anger she felt growing up, was something I related to, all too well.ย  So many unanswered questions (who/where is my daddy?) and a cheated childhood (immoral violations) led to a mess…for the both of us. We both felt rejection in an unimaginable way….until one day 16 years ago, on the 15th of June, in 2 different cities, we gave our lives to Jesus Christ…and the CRAZY thing is, we didn’t even meet until about 3 years ago! We even both met & married our hubby’s at church! Soooo Freaky! ๐Ÿ˜‰

God, in His faithfulness,ย  took 2 broken teenagers and made beauty from ashes. He knew that one day, in His perfect time, we would meet and not only be friends, but sister’s in Christ.
God is a God of redemption & second chances. That is exactly what he gave us both and I am forever grateful for that! (I know she is, too! ;-))

As I write this, my almost 11 yr old daughter is dancing around to Toby Mac & Brit Nicole, enjoying her childhood, without a care in the world…the way God intended life to be!

Take a peek of our 5 days with Friends..










One Response to “5 Days with Friends”

  1. melody June 7, 2013 at 2:16 am #

    Thank God for his redeeming love! Great blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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