Joy & Simplicity

I know I’m 3 days late but, Happy New Year! 

Is it me, or did 2013 fly by!? Geez, I was strolling along with life and then outta no where, BAM!, the holiday’s were here. I was not ready, but ready or not I had to face it….and I survived! 

At the end of every year, I like to sit back and ponder all that happened, or didn’t happen,  during that year and possibly compare to the year before.  And I have to say, I was pretty pleased about our year as a whole. Yes, we could’ve done more of this or less of that, but overall we had a wonderful year, especially if you compare it to 2012. Now THAT was a year of craziness! 

So for 2014, I want to focus more on joy & simplicity.

I want to enjoy my life, my husband, my kids, and just soak in all the little things that I tend to over look. I noticed that I can be a bit snappy with my kids and one day it dawned on me that my oldest is almost 14! Before you know it, he’ll be 18 and ready to spread his wings and fly and venture out in the real world! I then realized I needed to loosen up a bit. I have some pretty amazing kids and I need to be focusing on making some sweet memories with them during these teen and preteen years BC before I know it, they’ll be adults and…..

Okay, enough of that before I start to cry!  

Simplicity BC sometimes we tend to be pack rats and end up with a whole bunch of stuff but still have nothing to show for. I scanned around my house and that’s exactly what I found: a whole bunch of STUFF! I saw things that I bought but have never even opened or used… I felt ashamed. I can honestly say, that I already begun the process of purging and rearranging my life and putting it in order. I even ordered me an awesome simplified planner from http://www.emilyley.com that should be arriving in the mail in a few weeks! 

I’d say, I’m taking this  simplicity thing pretty seriously! 

What about you? What are you focusing on this 2014?




6 thoughts on “Joy & Simplicity”

  1. Hey friend, I can definitely relate to this. Moving to Brazil we’re finding joy in the simplist of things. Like…finding an English speaker LOL, finding something that tastes good, etc. And simplicity because we’re starting over and Brazilian homes don’t have room for american overload! We just accumulate to much stuff! Anyways, loved your blog as always!

    1. Melody… This is shoma smith… We connected briefly on Instagram… Awesome about y’all being in Brazil.. I didn’t know that

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