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Friendly Fire

24 Apr

Yesterday was a pretty rough Homeschool day for us. Nothing seemed to go right…Nothing.

I felt like quitting.

I felt like throwing in the towel.

I’m done.

No more.

I asked myself at least 100 times, “Why am I don’t this? Why in the world am I homeschooling? I must be crazy! Who am I kidding to think I could actually pull this off?”

(You know what I’m talking about, right Homeschool mamas?)

The mind battles continued throughout the day.

My son comes to me so I can “help” him with math corrections.

I tried but He still doesn’t understand.

He watched the CD that comes with his math to teach him each lesson.

Doesn’t understand.

We go over the lesson again and Nothing.

He doesn’t understand.

At this point, we’re both frustrated. He’s angry, I’m angry. He pops an attitude and walks away mumbling.

I sat on my bed and cried angry, frustrated tears.

I prayed and begged God to help me… To help us with our son because there’s always an issue with him & math.

This quote immediately popped in my head….


And let me tell you, that was like a breath of fresh air for me! I felt  the very heavy burden that I was carrying lifted off my shoulders and believed every word of that quote.

I was reminded why we decided to Homeschool. I was reminded that we don’t have “bad days” very often. I was reminded that every Homeschool family has a bad day, not just ours. I was reminded that I can and will continue on this venture. Lastly, I was reminded that I can’t do this on my own, I desperately need God’s wisdom & guidance… Daily.

And after talking with my hubby about this, he agreed to take over teaching him math!!! You know this girl was doing the happy dance!! Lol

I’m happy to say that our day didn’t end the way it started!


This is us on our way to church.

Our pastor preached on friendly fire. How as Christians we need to be careful not to “kill” our brothers and sister’s in Christ. To remember we’re on the same team, fighting the same fight against the enemy and not each other.
He used the story of Joseph, how his brother’s sold him into slavery…His very own brothers!

Friendly fire.

Years later when they crossed paths with him, he could’ve ended their lives in a second, but he didn’t. He had every right to be filled with anger and resentment but instead he was filled with forgiveness and love.

I believe that as parents, if we’re not careful, we can spiritually kill our kids with friendly fire, too. But we have to remember, they’re on our side, fighting the same enemy that we are. 

It’s no coincidence that I heard that sermon after the day I had yesterday. 

Good knows exactly what we need to hear!