Arrows in my hands

10 Aug


I was encouraged, challenged, and convicted when I heard a sermon from Pastor Bill Neil called, Arrows in my hands.

I have 5 children. 3 are biologically mine. 2 are temporarily mine. These 5 children are arrows that God has placed in my hands. How we place our children in our life and in our hearts is very critical. If our children are going to be effective arrows it depends on how their being valued by us, their parents.

As parents, we are called to make arrows that hit their mark, that go father then we ever have, and that pierce the world for the love of Jesus Christ.

Arrows do not become affective playing video games, always on the internet or social media. I know that’s not popular in this day & age, but it’s the truth. I know lots of kids, good kids, who are being baby sat by video games & Netflix, or the internet & social media. Lots of people are screaming at our kids- opposite of what we are saying. They’re hearing all kinds of voices. Our voice needs to be the voice that our kids hear; loving, caring, & understanding. Our goal is that our kids trust our voice over all the others screaming and pulling at them on a daily basis. But they won’t trust our voice if it’s demeaning, abusive, or says nothing at all.

How do we make affective arrows? With purpose, trained to fly, and released to fly.

I am by no means saying that I have this down. I am a work in progress. My arrows are still in my quiver being trained to fly. But I’m believing God to continue to guide my husband and I to train each one of them with purpose, so whenever the day comes that we release them into this world, they be prepared and effective.

If you want to hear the full sermon download the app: The Door Church in Tuscan, Arizona; you’ll find it there.


My quiver is full!


2 Responses to “Arrows in my hands”

  1. Veronica August 10, 2014 at 10:56 pm #

    Thank you Geneva for reminding me that we must not waiver from gods instruction for our children no matter what the world says, we as parents must continue to fight for our children’s destiny and to equip them to become all that God has called them to be.


  2. melodynava August 11, 2014 at 2:32 am #

    I LOVED this post! How great kids would be of parents really knew their children and took time to aim them properly and lovingly. And btw…I LOVE Jordyns shoes!!!

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