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Handfuls on Purpose

5 Dec

It has been waaaay too long since I’ve written, but this mama has been extremely busy lately.  I even tried to start a series of Sunday Funnies to make up for my absence, and even that was short lived…Doh!

So here I am, on a cold rainy night, drinking coffee and eating pecan swirls, while sitting on my living room floor in comfy jammies, reflecting on all that God has done for me this year…

…. And I am so amazed… And so humbled… And so grateful… And so overwhelmed with emotion…

6 months ago, we did something we’ve never done before, much less ever considered… We took in 2 boys. What was supposed to be as temporary as 2 months, has now lasted 6 months. And what started off as having 2 extra boys, has now become 3. (They’re all brothers)

We now have 6 children. Can you believe that? 6!?!?! We went from 3 to 6 kids in a few short months.

And you know what?

God has ALWAYS met our needs. He has always been faithful. He has always answered specific prayers that we’ve prayed in detail. He has made the impossible, possible. He has opened doors for us since the moment we agreed to help with the boys, and it’s always been right on time. Whether it be monetary blessings or encouraging words, it has been given and it definitely has been received!

Has God ever blessed you with something and you totally don’t feel worthy to receive it? Like, “Who am I, God, that you would bless me with this?” Well, that’s how I’ve felt a time or two in this season of my life.

But I’ve had to learn to confidently go to God with my needs and pray in detail. And secondly, I’ve had to learn to accept when that need has been met.

Two of the most hardest things for me to do.

And He has proven himself to be real time and time again.

Just like he blessed Ruth and provided for her & Naomi while gleaning in the field, so he has done for us…. Dropping handfuls on purpose and making sure we are taken care of.



We’ve all been doing well, actually. Everyone gets along great, for the most part. We have our occasional annoyances, but nothing out of the norm. I try to let the kids work out their own disagreements and it usually gets resolved in its early stages, which I am so thankful for.

But I have to admit, sometimes my days feel like this and today happens to be one of them:


Me & Jordyn tend to stick together since we’re the only girls in the house. ‘Cause you know, us girls gotta have each other’s back in these parts! Lol


She’s almost as tall as me! Can you please stop growing, child!?! Pretty please!?!?!? 😀


This past Sunday we were finally able to take family pictures.

So. Much. Fun.

My friend, Angel, is starting up her photography business and she takes great pictures! Look her up on FB and IG under #stillmomentsbyangel, and book your appointment with her… You won’t regret it. Right now her price is $50 for 2 hours and you get the CD with all your pictures on it. Can’t beat that!

Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot:





We got the CD with all of our pics on Tuesday and I’ve yet to upload them to my laptop…. And they came out Awesome!

Thanks for stopping by and just in case I don’t get back on here before the year is over…. Merry Christmas!

“Also let the grain from the bundles fall purposely for her; leave it that she may glean, and do not rebuke her.” Ruth 2:16