On the Road to Chinle, Day 2

10 Jan


Saturday, January 9, 2016

This was my view when I woke up this morning.  To you, it may not mean much, but to me it was a reminder of where we’re at…Chinle, our home away from home!  Jeremiah had his first taste of our fellowship here when he was a crazy15 year old teenager, with his hair pulled back in a point tail wearing a purple bandana. (Yes, you read that right! ) Hold up, Wait! What am I talking about when he WAS crazy,  he still IS crazy!! There isn’t much here in Chinle, but we come every chance we get…and we never, ever regret it.

Today Pastor Artie took us and 5 folks from our Alaska church on a tour to Monument Valley,  Utah.  All of us except our 3 teenage boys, they went hunting with some other Rez guys. And from what I hear, they had a blast, which doesn’t surprise me one bit! 
Anyways, the drive to Monument Valley was about an hour and a half…not too bad.  Pastor Overson from Alaska showed us lots of pictures from there and told us some pretty cool stories, too.

When we finally got to Our destination, we were all blown away at what we saw…God’s amazing creation! I can’t even describe to you the detail in every single rock, every crevice,  or even the stories behind them. To know that God, in His awesomeness, spoke all of this into existence is mind blowing.  He spoke this into existence, who wouldn’t want to serve a God that could do that!?

I’ll show you what I mean…








Everything about these pictures are just absolutely beautiful.



I think it was about 20 degrees or so when we were there. Some areas were covered in snow, while others only had a few patches here and there. Then you had the areas where it was just plain ‘ol muddy! And you better believe it when I say the muddy parts seemed to be the most attractive to the kids when there wasn’t any snow around!  WHY???? Well, I guess they wouldn’t be kids If they didn’t purposely step on the mud,hu?


Here’s a pic of the 4 of us.  We were trying to look cute but man it was too cold and windy.  There was no time for cuteness, just hurry up and take the picture already! 

I love road trips,  especially with friends.  There’s just something about it that adds to the adventure. It gives the trip a little more meaning. I’m pretty sure when we’re back at home looking back on this weekend, we’re all gonna have a different experience or a story to share. But the one thing I’m sure we’re all gonna agree on is that our friendships got a little stronger, the memories that we’ve made will be unforgettable, and that we all experienced a touch of God in some way or another.

And that’s just from our time here in Chinle. We still have a whole week of conference to go to!

Stay tuned for Day 3…


3 Responses to “On the Road to Chinle, Day 2”

  1. Kelly January 10, 2016 at 5:29 pm #

    I’m so sad I’m not at conf!!! The first I’ve missed !! I know you guys will have a great time and be stirred ! You look so good!

    • genevawacker January 11, 2016 at 12:16 am #

      I so wish you were going to conference. .but so excited you’re in Brazil! Maybe we’ll visit one day!

  2. Lisa Gauna January 11, 2016 at 4:27 am #

    Wow these pics are absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t imagine how much more in person.

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