Drama fo yo Mama- Jordyn

29 Jan

Hello everyone! This is Jordyn. For my theater class, I got Marilla Cuthbert, the girl who adopts Anne. I didn’t get Anne because I am too tall. I have to be sensible, proper, and strict with a sharp, crisp tone. I am super excited because I got a lead role on my first show! 😀 Raegan and I still haven’t found out a name for our sewing business. My goal is to buy a sewing machine before summer because I want to at least sew two dresses over the summer. The dresses I want to sew are from the Chronicles of Narnia. Anne of Green Gables and Narnia are my favorite books. Here are the dresses I want to make.


I want to make this Susan dress for myself.


And this Lucy dress for Raegan. Raegan and I have always (yes, always) considered ourselves Susan and Lucy. And No I will not do the embroidery. Haven’t got that far yet. I am really excited and have been sketching down ideas and patterns.  Here are some pics of just Susan and Lucy or Jordyn and Reagan…hehe


Susan comforting Lucy


Lucy about to throw her dagger


My fav out of all 3.

Just because I am in the Narnia mood…


That brutha got some skills!!

So, those are my summer projects! In March, our church is doing an invasion team to Chinle, AZ. Yep, the Wackers are going back to Arizona! Our family has also been into a YouTube channel called Studio C. They are Mormon but at least they are clean and funny! These are some of my favorites!


I think I’ve shown enough! That’s all for now, don’t forget to comment! 😜 Don’t ask why I put the title. Just my me and my mom’s mind gone crazy. hehe.


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