Long time no See

27 Apr

Hello, it’s me! I’ve been unintentionally MIA for almost a year now. I don’t know why I stopped blogging, i just did. I stopped cold turkey…no warning, no reasons, i just stopped.  Maybe because everytime I’d get on my laptop to type, nothing would come to mind, like serious writer’s block, and i got discouraged then the busyness of life kicks in and before you know it…

….i put blogging on the back burner.

Anyway, I’M BACK…at least i think i am!! LOL

Let’s see if i can give a quick update on what’s been going on in my neck of the woods lately…hmmmmmm…

Jeremiah got his license back in November! I have to admit, at first i was so nervous to let him drive anywhere outside of a 15 mile radius of our house without me or my hubby with him. But with my hubby out evangelizing so much, i would have to be the one with him in the car, and that wasn’t a good thing, because i was always so nervous & constantly telling him to slow down, You’re too close to the car, you didn’t do this or that or…. Oh my Gosh! It wasn’t until Josh finally told me that Jeremiah’s driving is terrible when I’m in the car b/c i make him so nervous! That was when i realized that i had to let him drive…alone…without his mama… That took a lot for this mama bear to do. I had to let my little baby..ahem, my 17 yr old baby, go out into the world of driving, all on his own. I had to learn that even though he’s only 17, he’s growing into a young man….almost an adult. He’s proven himself to be responsible and trustworthy, and I’m happy to say that although I’m still nervous to be In the car when he’s driving, he’s a really good driver.

Now he just needs his own car! But he ain’t got no shame driving my mini van!! Lol

Jordyn has been staying busy with theatre and school. This month she’ll be playing Ed the Hyena & a lioness in The Lion King Musical!

Josh is starting his own Pooper Scooper & dog washing business! He’s so excited! I’m praying this works out for him, because he needs something to do with his spare time, plus he could use the extra money because…….

This summer Josh& Jordyn are going with my hubby to BRAZIL and Little Jeremiah is going to S. Africa in November on a missions trip with our church!

It’s so amazing to me to see my kids do things and go places that i never did growing up. Before i got saved, i rarely left a certain area in Austin, much less go over seas with my dad! (i didn’t even have a dad growing up!)

Another cool thing that’s happened during my hiatus is that we celebrated our 18 yr anniversary in Feb! We celebrated in Chetumal, MX and Mahahual, Mx.

We had a blast! Mahahual is a beautiful place to visit!

Well…hopefully I’ll be on here more often!
One last thing, Jordyn started a YouTube channel called The Spunky Magpie. We’re limiting her video upload so you might not see much activity there, but when you do, i know you’ll enjoy!She’s also starting a Blog: http://www.thespunkymagpie.wordpress.com. It’s not up&going yet, but it will be soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


3 Responses to “Long time no See”

  1. Jeremiah April 27, 2017 at 8:44 pm #

    That 17 year old son of yours sounds awesome! Sure would like to just like him one day!

  2. melodynava May 2, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    Glad you’re back. I always enjoy reading about the Wacker endeavors! 😉

  3. Kelly June 20, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    Hi Geneva ! It is scary when our kids start driving! Poor Jess wants her license so bad but here in Brazil you cant till your 18 , im secretly happy hahaa.

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