Once upon a time, there was a young lovely girl who always dreamed of marrying a young handsome prince and Have beautiful children of their own some day.

She loved listening to stories about love and would daydream and wonder if that would ever happen to her. Would she ever find true love and live happily ever after? Oh, how she longed for that to happen! Then one day, many many years later,she met a King. This King wanted to show her what true love was, but she didn’t believe him, because up to that point, everything she ever dreamed of as a girl was gone…shattered. She wasn’t that same carefree, happy, girl who longed for love anymore. She didn’t believe in it anymore. You see, she went through many storms in her life that she lost all hope. She didn’t think it would ever happen to her. She was never going to have her very own “Happily ever after.” Oh, but this King, he wouldn’t leave her alone. He did everything he could to prove to her that she could dream again like when she was a child…she could hope again…she could believe in love again.

After some time, she began to believe in this King, all of his sayings spoke life to her soul. She never thought she would ever feel this type of joy again,until one day the King introduced her to a young prince! Oh yeah, you guessed it…he was a young handsome prince and he was very close to the King, too, Just like she was! So the King encouraged them to find love…and they did! They got married and she was in awe that all of these wonderful things were happening to her.

She didn’t think life could get any better until….she found out she was going to have a baby! She was so happy but very scared; so scared that she talked to the King daily about her fears and he always seemed to calm her fears away. As time went on, her belly started showing more&more, her smile got more radiant, and she had a twinkle in her eyes that no one could deny. She felt love like never before! The young couple had many wonderful Dreams for their first child. They had many questions like, was it going to be a boy or a girl? Would it look like mom or dad? Who was the baby going to act like? What was the baby gonna like/dislike? And they prayed for their unborn child daily..praying for a healthy&strong baby. Praying that they would raise him right, according to all the King said. They knew that they wanted their baby to know the King that helped them through so much…the King that brought them together and showed them How to love so fully!

After eight months had passed, the baby was ready to be born! The lovely young girl woke up one morning feeling achy but not enough to keep her in bed,so she went about her daily duties. But as the day went on,the feeling kept coming stronger & more painful. So she called her young handsome prince and they went to the hospital. But the baby wasn’t quite ready yet,so they sent them home. They went to the park to walk and see if it would help progress things. Four hours later, they went back to the hospital and the Dr said it was time to prepare to have the baby! Oh, the young handsome prince was overjoyed! He was going to be a daddy! He couldn’t wait to show his baby off to everyone! The lovely girl was overwhelmed with emotion. She was so happy inside, but she was also very scared. She knew she had to talk to the King. So she did. And it helped calm her worries and fears and she focused on bringing her brand new baby into this world! The physical pain in her body was so strong, but the love inside of her heart was even stronger!

And before she new it, her beautiful baby boy was born…strong and healthy! The young couple were beyond happy! They never felt a love so deep and rich for their new baby boy or for eachother. They were in awe. They made a promise to eachother that this boy would grow up knowing the King. Some years have passed,and the young couple had other children,but they never wavered from their promise about their children knowing the King. They lived a long,full,happy, adventurous life. Yes,life threw obstacles their way. Yes,they had setbacks. But they stayed close to the King,just like they were teaching their kids to do. They knew that if they wanted their kids to be close to the King,then they had to be as well. As time went on, they were approaching the day that their oldest son would turn 18. The lovely young girl, who was not so young anymore, but still young enough, 🙂 was wrestling with her emotions that her baby was growing up. And what do u think she did? She talked to the King…daily, And he helped her and told her not to fear and that he would be with him, watching and guiding him. He reminded her that He always kept his promises. He told her that it was time for her son to grow and learn to be a man. You see, the lovely girl, her handsome prince,and their other children were moving away,but the older son was staying behind,because that’s what the King told him to do. So he listened.

Even though the young lovely girl wrestled with this, she was still very happy and proud that her son listened to the King. Because that is what they always prayed for and that is what they always taught him to do.

The lovely young girl and her young handsome prince love their son very much. He has always been such a joy to their lives. They have many happy memories together. So on this day, March 3, 2018, they want to wish their firstborn son a very happy birthday! And remember to always stay close to the King and always listen & obey his voice. You will never regret it!

We love you son! Happy 18th birthday!

7 thoughts on “Eighteen”

  1. Hey! That’s pretty good, and a great Prince and princess they are! And what a fine 2nd Prince hes turning out to be! Bc of them and the king of course! I love y’all so much!!😘😘😘

  2. Id like to comment but kinda hard when my eyes are like a river. Be proud off the young prince you have raised and know that solid foundation his mother and provided will be what he grasps to as he sets out on his own adventure. Although physically you will be miles away you will always be in his heart. After all mom..you are his first true love and he will always be your baby boy…happy birthday baby blueberry….always remember nani is not far if you ever need anything

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