Hello, From India!

We have been in India for going on 5 months now, and let me tell you, we have had the time of our lives! We’ve experienced so many different things from food to weather to smells and everything in between. It’s been WILD, to say the least!! I’m not going to say too much on today’s post, just that I’m planning on writing more about our experiences here. So far, we’ve enjoyed every bit of it…The good, the bad, and the ugly! My main point for blogging about India, is so That we have something to look back on with our new life here, because life passes us by so fast we tend to forget to savor the moments that we have been given. One thing I’ve learned, is that every moment is precious. Life changes and moves so quickly.

My daughter is helping revamp the look of the blog and I need to update my About me page because it is SO OLD!! So please bare with me as we try to reconstruct the blog. Comment below on what topics you’d like me to write about and any questions you have about living abroad, family, home school, etc.

If you’re new to the blog, please subscribe so you won’t miss out on anything! If you’re not new here, thank you for sticking around so long!

Looking forward to sharing this new chapter of my life with you!



PS. To all my friends and family back at home, please be mindful on the what you write in the comments!😉


2 thoughts on “Hello, From India!”

  1. Hello! Hope all is well. My name is Norma. We have met many times but most memorable probably was when we had dinner at Luis and Naomi’s house who are in Universal City, Tx. My husband is William Summers and we are in Dallas, Tx. Just wanted to give a quick description so hopefully you know who it is emailing you. The reason for this email is because there is a lady who we have been working with for a little over a year now. She came and left for a while. She has been coming for about a month or 2 most recently and is doing well. She mentioned out of the blue the other day that she used to live with you guys about 20 years ago! I thought I would mention this to you guys. I’ve also attached a photo of her and her son, who she says was little at the time. Her name is Lupe and his name is Isai. He has been saved for a couple weeks. Praying for you guys. Excited to hear the reports. We actually attended a revival in Arlington last night that Pastor Roland Perez was preaching. It was a good service. One of the ladies from our church was filled with the Holy Spirit! Prayers from Dallas!! God bless y’all!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    1. Yes, of course I remember you!
      But I don’t remember Lupe and the picture must not have uploaded bc I don’t see it. If i see a pic of her, I know I’ll remember. That must’ve been when we were in Dove Springs.?? Get my number from Naomi. It’s the same except I can only text through WhatsApp. We can continue this conversation on there! Good to hear from you!

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