While you wait…

It’s Valentine’s Day! ❤️

The day where you go the extra mile to show a little extra love and attention to the people you care about! This is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, but I know for some people it isn’t. To me, it’s not a day set apart only for…as my fellow Indian friends call them… “The love birds!” It’s for everyone.. Your parents, siblings, kids, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and the list goes on. You don’t have to lose the victory if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. I’ve traveled to many places and countries, and one thing is the same everywhere I go, and that is EVERYONE wants to fall in love. Everyone is looking for their ” happily ever after.”

It’s something that God put in us. The desire to love and to be loved. One of the first questions that we’re asked here by our young adult single friends is if we had a love marriage or an arranged marriage? This is my hubby’s response, “I arranged it and she loved it!” Lol Of course, everyone just laughs, but that’s just proof that we all crave love.

I have a question for you awesome single people out there:

What are you going to do while you wait?

You can either sit around focusing on the things you don’t have and be bitter when one of your friends find love OR You can embrace this season of your life.

You can get inpatient and put matters in your own hands and settle for just anyone and hope it all works out OR live with the confidence that Jesus has your future planned out.

You can live a wild and careless life OR You can stay focused on living clean and staying pure.

My advice to you is, don’t awaken love before it’s time. Don’t rush love, It’ll happen. Don’t Force love, it won’t last.

In this time of waiting focus on sharing what true Love really is, and that’s Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins. Keep your eyes so focused on God that you don’t have time to worry about what you don’t have.

Enjoy being single!

Being married is amazing and wonderful, but there are some things that are not as easy to do that we were able to do while we were single. Does that make sense?

Love is a choice.

Being content is a choice.

Living clean and pure is a choice.

Speaking of living clean, check out my friend’s Instagram page @qleanapparel or their website (it’s under maintenance right now but will be up & running again soon!)

Their business is all about living clean-on the inside and out!

Here’s Jordyn reppin’ @qleanapparel!


1 thought on “While you wait…”

  1. When God puts everything together you will say, “I have found the one whom my soul loves”. This was the scripture on my wedding invitation. I found this at walmart on a metal frame and bought it. I gave it to my honey for Valentines day. I reminded him that this was the scripture on our wedding invitations and he loved it even more. Thank you amiga for such a great read.

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