Once upon a time, there was a young lovely girl who always dreamed of marrying a young handsome prince and Have beautiful children of their own some day.

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Goodbye 2015…Hello 2016

Well, hello there friends.  It’s not unusual for me to be MIA from the blog world from time to time, but I think this is the longest I’ve been away.  There have been plenty of times where I’ve thought about blogging, but didn’t. Or those times where I did actually  sit down to blog,  but my mind would go blank. I like my posts to be encouraging or funny or uplifting.  Wait, doesn’t encouraging and uplifting  pretty much mean the same thing?! 🙂 

Anyway,  2015 seemed to be the year of goodbyes for me. (At least the second half of it was.) Like I mentioned in my last post, the boys we were caring for moved back with their mom in early May. They came back to live with us in August for 2 more months,  then it was time to say goodbye…again.  I think this time was harder than the first time because we all knew it was for good.  It was a sad goodbye for all of us.

During that time, my cousin and her baby moved in with us, too. They stayed here until baby boy went on to be with Jesus on October 18th…Another goodbye. I would have to say that was the hardest goodbye of all.


Saying goodbye to a 4 month old baby boy doesn’t seem fair at all. I’ve had my share of questions to God and trust me,  I’ve cried until I had no more tears left.  But I do know this, baby boy is in Heaven with Jesus. No more heart issues, no more needles, no more oxygen, no more feeding tubes, no more Dr’s and nurses and hospitals, no more meds, and no more pain. That is what comforts me, to know that he isn’t in pain anymore…to know that he is safe in the arms of Jesus…to know that he really is in a better place.

Then my husband answered the Call to be an Evangelist, so he’s away from home a lot more than we’re used to…we say goodbye to him more frequently, but those aren’t sad goodbyes! 🙂 We’re all actually very excited.


All of these goodbyes happened in the same month. Thankfully,  All the sadness and pain that we may have experienced hasn’t rob us of our Joy. We hold fast to the promises of God and trust Him with our lives.

There is one more goodbye that I failed to mention….I said goodbye to being 36 years old in December…Hello, 37. Very nice to finally meet you!


Okay friends,  2015 has come and gone. Let this be a year of renewal. That’s my friend, Angela’s, word of the year.  Renewal. I like that.  It seems fitting for a new year.

What are some things you can renew this year?



My imagination gone wild

I had a rather interesting conversation with my sister in law, Tatiana, yesterday via text message. It started off fairly normal then got pretty dramatic.

It went like this…..

Tat: I was just thinking about you! How I haven’t talked to you!

Me:  I’ve sent you a few texts but you’re too good for me to respond. I’m not even worthy of a simple hello. Denied. Rejected.

Me: My own dog cares more about me than my sister in law. My NEIGHBOR’S dog cares more about me than my own sister in law. My…… I think you get the point.

After a few seconds I continued with…

Me: See… you’re not even responding to me now as I’m desperately crying out to you for attention… Wow… I feel so….so…. alone. Alone in this big cold world where there are predators ready to pounce on fragile abandoned women like me…. Where the lion is waiting patiently to attack me at my weakest moment when I least expect it, when I finally tire of holding my guard up… that’s when he’ll take advantage and dig his long claws into my skin and do what he’s been longing to do the moment he discovered I was a victim.

Tat: lol, you’re a nut! I’m getting ready for church at the gym.

Me:  A nut you say!?! It may be true considering the circumstances that have been brought upon me by my kin.
My own kin have abandoned me. Left me to the wolves to feast on. They stand back and laugh as they watch the vicious animal lay claim to his meal.

Tat:  Who’s the wolf? What book have you been reading?????

Me: Suddenly I woke up, with sweat beads dripping down my porcelain skin. It was only a nightmare! I cried out for my beloved and it was then that I knew he would never leave me to the wolves. What a merry day it would be after all!!
Oh, and what of my sister in law you ask? She fell at my feet weeping as I told her of this horrific nightmare and she clung to my legs pledging her allegiance to me and made a vow to never ever let any harm come before me. The end.

Tat: You have an amazing brain! I could not have come up with half that!!  At your feet I fall dear sister in law 🙂

Me: LOL!!! that was fun!! I was envisioning the whole thing too!!! That was fresh off my pewny brain!

So there you have it, my lovely conversation with my sister in law!


Joy & Simplicity

I know I’m 3 days late but, Happy New Year! 

Is it me, or did 2013 fly by!? Geez, I was strolling along with life and then outta no where, BAM!, the holiday’s were here. I was not ready, but ready or not I had to face it….and I survived! 

At the end of every year, I like to sit back and ponder all that happened, or didn’t happen,  during that year and possibly compare to the year before.  And I have to say, I was pretty pleased about our year as a whole. Yes, we could’ve done more of this or less of that, but overall we had a wonderful year, especially if you compare it to 2012. Now THAT was a year of craziness! 

So for 2014, I want to focus more on joy & simplicity.

I want to enjoy my life, my husband, my kids, and just soak in all the little things that I tend to over look. I noticed that I can be a bit snappy with my kids and one day it dawned on me that my oldest is almost 14! Before you know it, he’ll be 18 and ready to spread his wings and fly and venture out in the real world! I then realized I needed to loosen up a bit. I have some pretty amazing kids and I need to be focusing on making some sweet memories with them during these teen and preteen years BC before I know it, they’ll be adults and…..

Okay, enough of that before I start to cry!  

Simplicity BC sometimes we tend to be pack rats and end up with a whole bunch of stuff but still have nothing to show for. I scanned around my house and that’s exactly what I found: a whole bunch of STUFF! I saw things that I bought but have never even opened or used… I felt ashamed. I can honestly say, that I already begun the process of purging and rearranging my life and putting it in order. I even ordered me an awesome simplified planner from http://www.emilyley.com that should be arriving in the mail in a few weeks! 

I’d say, I’m taking this  simplicity thing pretty seriously! 

What about you? What are you focusing on this 2014?