February 2016

February seemed to be a very busy month for us.  But we somehow fit a daddy daughter date in and I flew out to Colorado to be with the hubby for a few days.

We decided a few months ago that Jeremiah was going to take Jordyn out to dinner and surprise her with a special gift, which was a beautiful heart shaped necklace with a diamond right in the middle. I’m sure she’s going to blog about it soon, so I won’t give all the details away.  But I will show you a picture! 



We knew that Jeremiah was gonna be gone a lot more than being home this month,so we planned for me to meet him in Colorado for a few days.  Since he wasn’t here for our 17 year anniversary on the 7th or Valentine’s Day, this was a perfect idea! He booked my flight months ago, but can anyone tell me why he picked a 6:05 am departure??? Man, that was torture to have to be at the airport by 4 am! If anyone knows me, you know that I am not a morning person! I was a zombie that whole entire day.


Between the early morning,  jet lag,  and the time difference, which was only an hour, I was no good. Oh,  and I stayed at my SIL house so she can take me to the airport, and we were up talking until about 2:30 am! So yeah,  rough 1st day in Colorado,  too say the least! With a little nap and a cup of coffee,  I was able to catch my 2nd wind and we met up with some friends for dinner and a concert that night.  Let me clarify something,  this was actually my first time meeting her in person!  We met when I had an IG account. I knew once I made my decision to let go of IG, that she was one of the  people That I met on there who I wanted to stay in touch with…and I am so glad I did!  Despite my exhaustion, we had a great time getting to know each other, while eating Indian food.


After dinner, we went to a bluegrass concert and saw The Barefoot Movement.  I really didn’t know what to expect being that this isn’t my type of music.  I mean,  bluegrass, really?  I don’t know how Jeremiah found out about them, but I was impressed.  They’re a young band of 4, super cute and extremely talented in music and voice. I think I can speak on behalf of us all to say  that we really enjoyed their concert.  Thank God for husband’s who think outside the box!

The next day, we hung out in Boulder and walked around Pearl Street.  That evening, we drove up to the mountain to try and watch the sunset. We were actually chasing  the sun!  This is what we got:






Isn’t that so beautiful?? These pictures don’t even do it justice, but it’s still breathtaking! 

If you ever have a chance to go to Denver,  you have to go shop down town.  I forgot what they call it, but it’s a whole strip of different shops and department stores. Kinda like an outlet mall but in downtown Denver. We went during the day, but I hear that it can get a little crazy at night.  But I will give you a heads up,  the Denver Airport is MASSIVE!  The security checkpoint is never ending,  and you have to get on a train to take you to the departure gates.  All you have to do is follow someone who looks like they know where they’re going and make sure you look like you know where you’re going,too!  That’s what I did, ha! I didn’t give any signs that I was scared out of my mind!  No one knew that it was my first time flying all by myself.  Nope,  i have waaaay too much pride to let that happen!  I looked like I was some sort of world traveler or something!  But that’s our little secret!  (Wink)

My trip went by so fast.  3 days was not nearly enough time to spend with him, but I’m so glad that I at least had that. Because once he was done with his revival there in Denver, he flew to Sri Lanka and now he’s in India.

Since January, he’s been gone a lot and I’m having to get used to living life without him here.  We’re going into our 3rd month, and I think I can say that me & the kids are finally getting into a routine…sorta.  All I know is that I need to find a hobby that doesn’t include me sitting on my bum reading! Because I KNOW I’ve gained a few pounds…I can feel it. But I have been busy with the kids.  Little Jeremiah goes street preaching with the guys on Tuesday nights,  Jordyn is now in drama team and they meet on Thursday nights. Plus she’s in theatre and they’re home school classes are Monday’s & Thursday mornings …we stay pretty around busy here. For those of you who have called or text to see how we’re handling this new life…Yeah,  I think we’re doing pretty good! I’m so grateful that my kids are older and they’re more of a help to me then anything. I guess all those spankings they got when they were little are paying off!  I don’t have rebellious disrespectful kids! 🙂 We actually enjoy each others company…for the most part!


Since February is Black History Month, we’ve been doing extra activities that pertain to that. We watched the movies Glory and Woodlawn, and had great discussions on them both.  Jeremiah read To Kill A Mockingbird.  Jordyn read All Things New by Lynn Austin. Joshua read The Red Badge of Courage. I also had them pick someone to learn about and to do a project on.

Joshua made a poster on Harriet Tubman.


Jordyn made a poster on Misty Copeland. 


And Jeremiah did a power point on Malcolm X.

To finish off our month of Black History learning,  we went to a Baptist Church on Sunday morning, who was honoring their oldest member, Big Mama. She turns 101 years old in March. What makes Big Mama special to us isn’t only the fact that she’s lived almost 101 years,  but she’s one of my best friend’s grandmother.  When I found out about this service, I knew I wanted to take my kids. We had the honor of meeting Big Mama and we even got to hear her sing a song with her two daughters. Just in the few minutes that I talked with her,  I can tell she is spunky and full of life&personality. Can you believe she lives in my subdivision!? I’m hoping to spend an afternoon with her one day, just to hear her story.  She doesn’t look like she’s 100 years old, does she!? (Jeremiah was home sick, just in case you’re wondering! )


That’s it for now…Thanks for stopping by! 


Just being real


Let’s be real here people.  We all have days like this and today happens to be mine. And really, it hasn’t even been my whole day, just the last 2 hours.

Isn’t it crazy how 2 hours (and 1kid) can make you feel like this awesome picture!?!?

You know when you have that one child who just isn’t getting it and you’re trying so hard to be patient and you’re pouring your heart out trying to find a solution to the problem and then you see your precious child that the Lord so graciously blessed you with is not paying attention to a word you just said and then it happens…

Everything that you were trying so hard to control just went out the door and you lose it!?!

Has that ever happened to you?

Don’t lie.

It happened to me today.. Just a while ago actually.

You know, being a stay at home mama and/or a home school mama isn’t for the faint hearted. With that, comes the occasional bad day or for me a frustrating 2 hours.

It does not define who you are as a wife or a mother.

It does not change the fact that this is what God has called you to do.

It does not mean to give up and quit.

It’s just a bad day. That’s it.

Do you wanna know what the end result of my bad/frustrating 2 hours was?

You ready?

I sent them on their merry way OUTSIDE to play!

I figured since it’s such a gorgeous day in my neck of the woods, why not?!

They stopped what they were doing, tidied up a bit, and went outside.

Not only is that good for them, but it’s also good for me!

Now I can enjoy a little bit of peace & quiet while I get dinner going.

(I’m making tuna casserole, just in case you were wondering.)