Even when I didn’t know it

Father’s Day was always tough for me growing up, because I was fatherless. I didn’t have a daddy to call my own. But I’m so grateful that I had an uncle who was brave enough to take on the role as daddy for me. Actually, I had several uncles who loved me like their own and did everything they could for me. But I only called one of them dad.

My daddy:

He wasn’t always 100% active in my life, but he let me call him dad, and that was more than enough for me. I knew that if I ever needed him, he’d be there. And for the most part, he was always there. I know he felt a sense of pride when he walked me down the aisle and gave me away on my wedding day. It was a special moment between the both of us. 8 months later, he passed away.


To my daddy Jesse, thank you for loving me like your very own. You didn’t have to, but you did. I’ll never forget all that you taught me and all that you did for me. I love you.

My husband:

I know I’ve mentioned it in other posts, but I have the most amazing husband ever! If I can describe him with one word that would be: Faithful. He’s faithful to me as his wife, he’s faithful to God, and he’s faithful to our kids. My husband is a very hands on dad and is very active in our kid’s lives. He’s the kind of dad that asks each child how their day was, what did they learn that day. Actually he asks like this, “What’s going on in your world?” He’s the kind of dad that makes it a Priority that we eat together every night as a family. He’s the kind of dad that makes it a priority to pray with the kids every night before they go to bed.
He’s the kind of dad that will have one on one dates with each of the kids just to stay connected with them.  I can go on and on…


To my husband, you’re everything that I ever dreamed of and more, not only as my husband but also as the father to our kids. We see everything that you do for us and are so grateful for your love, your faithfulness, and your hard work. We love you.


I never heard of God being the Father to the fatherless until after I got saved. I always wondered if I would ever meet my real dad. And lots of times I would ask different family members questions about him, but always left with very little information. It angered me. It made me wonder more and more about him. But once I discovered that God was my Father, something inside of me lifted. The uneasiness I always felt inside of me left. The sadness left. I happily accepted that God is my Father. He always has been and always will be.

To my Heavenly Father, I am eternally grateful for every single thing you’ve done for me. You have always been there for me, even when I didn’t know it. All that I have, all that I am is because of you.  I am humbled… Truly humbled to be your daughter.


Happy Father’s Day!


Sunday Funnies: For my husband & kiddos

I got this bright idea (and those don’t happen very often!!)  to post something funny every Sunday. Maybe a quote I find on Pinterest, or a riddle etc. I don’t know exactly what the Sunday Funnies will consist of or if I’ll actually post anything at all, but it’s worth a shot, right!?!?

Today’s funnies are dedicated to my Amazing Husband and my awesome children.

To my hubby:


To my children:


Okay, so maybe those aren’t actually funny, but hey, they’re good! Right!?

I think so.

Happy Sunday!