For the past 8 months we’ ve had 1 vehicle….that I couldn’t drive bc it’s standard. I mean, I can drive it to the store across the street and back but that’s it. I had a really hard time getting the hang of it especially on the slightest little hill. I never realized how many stop lights and stop signs were on  hills until I was learning or should I say “attempting” to learn to drive standard. Those little hills turned into big humongous mountains to me! They were terrifying! Hubby tried to teach me but I got so frustrated with him telling me to become one with the clutch & accelerator!  REALLY!? Everytime I drove, which was not very often, I’d be so tense…it was not an enjoyable or pleasant drive for me at all.  It got to the point where my hubby would just drive me around wherever I needed to go which was nice at first, but after awhile it got to be frustrating for both of us…but we made it work. I would often pray for a 2nd vehicle, but not faithfully knowing it just wasn’t in the budget. Then one day out of nowhere the A/C went out right in the beginning of summer! No way this can be happening…NO WAY!  We all know that Texas heat is like a furnace…our summer’s are so hot it’s crazy! Once the A/C went out I began praying like crazy for another vehicle. I started to get discouraged when a month went by….then 2 and still no car. Thank God for  awesome friends who joined me in praying for a car. Everytime frustration would try to rise up, I’d tell myself, “at least we have a working car…God is gonna move….everything is gonna work out.”

We found out my hubby was gonna be in New York for 4 days and I about lost all control! There is no way I’m gonna be stuck at home for that long! Okay, hear me out, I wasn’t just throwing a fit, in those 4 days, my oldest would start his first day of school, which is about a 30 minute drive one way, he also has band practice. My youngest son had meet the teacher night plus his first day of school would be  while the hubs is away! Talk about me freaking out!

We got a small loan from our bank and began car hunting. We began to pray specifically for a van. It almost seemed impossible to find a van for the amount we got approved for…, we had to get it from a dealership and it had to have less than 70,000 miles or less. My husband believed we could find one, but me on the other hand had doubts. I would think to myself, It’s impossible then I would hear, “With Me, all things are possible.” One night, I was so overwhelmed b/c hubby would be leaving in less than a week and still nothing.  I remember wanting so badly to believe God would bless me but I was drowning in unbelief and doubt that I couldn’t even hear Him trying to speak to me. I began praying that He’d help me believe and out of nowhere I started having thoughts of every single time God met our needs in the past.  I began to speak positive and really truly believe that God was going to bless us before my hubby left.

It happened on a Tuesday, 2 days before my hubby flew out, that God blessed us with our 2nd vehicle! It was a glorious day indeed! We got a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country with only 52,000 miles with the payments we wanted and we talked the dealership down about $1,000 AND most importantly it has A/C! ! This is a VERY clean van inside & out! I believe we truly got blessed! I thank God that He is so gracious and patient with me…especially bc I’ve always struggled with believing God for meeting MY  needs. And once again He’s proven His faithfulness.

During this time of having only 1 car, I made a promise to my friend Samantha. We were both praying for a 2nd car, and we promised that if I got a car first, my first fellowship would be with her and if she got a car first, her first fellowship would be with me at my house. Well, I made good on my promise  and went to her house on Friday and hung out! She made pizza and we celebrated my freedom bc I told her I felt free!!! Lol  We’re still believing God to bless her! 🙂

Okay, soooooo……I named my van!  I know, I know I’m goofy but that’s okay bc I’ve been known for being  a weirdo!

I guess you want to know her name, hu!? Okay but, don’t laugh….

Her name is: Glory Periwinkle! Isn’t that such an awesome name!?! Before you get all crazy on me let me give u the meaning of it!

Glory because I give God all the glory for blessing me despite my unbelief.

Periwinkle because she looks almost that color. I wanted it to be her first name but the hubs looked at me crazy when I told him…lol

Here’s a pic…isn’t she a beauty!


So am I really a weirdo for naming my van? Do you name your cars? Tell me crazy car names that you’ve heard of or that you’ve named your car!
This should be interesting!! 🙂


A Cherished Moment

Summer is here! And if you live in Texas, you know what that means…Long, hot, humid days! The kind of hot that not even swimming will get you to wanna leave your wonderfully air conditioned home…at least for me anyway. 

I mean seriously,  what’s the point in swimming when the sun is shining SO bright that you’re sweating in the water? OR what about the fact that, your feet WILL burn just walking to get into the pool because the concrete floor is scorching hot?  Have I made my point? Have you figured out yet that I do not take pleasure in going swimming under the Texas sun…especially in the middle of the day, when the heat is at it’s peak?

Okay, so now that you know how much I LOVE going swimming mid-day…in Texas, how do you think I responded to my kids yesterday when they asked in the most sweetest way possible,

“Mom, can you take us swimming?”

My response, “Not now, MAYBE later.”

Another words….NEVERRRRR! Lol I guess they somehow knew that it wasn’t gonna happen, so they didn’t beg me to take them…not right away. A little later, they came back with 2 of their friends alongside them asking again. My response was the same, maybe later. They asked again, this time…they won. You should’ve seen the looks on each of their faces! A mixture of shock and joy…it was great! They scrambled around to get what they needed and we were on our way. 

My plan was to just sit back, relax (at least try to), read my book, and get this over with.  Because we all know, I did not want to be out there in the heat!!!

But something supernatural happened while I was sitting on that white lounge chair near the pool.  I was reading my book when I suddenly looked up and saw my 3 growing kids having the time of their lives! Time froze for a moment, and my mind went back to each of them as babies, then toddlers, losing their teeth, learning to ride their bikes, first days of school…

It was as if God was showing me how fast time goes by and to enjoy every minute I have with them, and to make as many memories as possible, while they’re still young. 

I was then brought back to reality with laughter and happy screams from my 3 little munchkins.  For the rest of our time at the pool, I sat there watching them jumping in & out of the water, laughing & screaming,  making friends, and having an incredible time together! Seizing the moment.  Holding it close to my heart.

What a joy!

Two hours later, as we were leaving, I noticed that something inside of me felt different.  The only word I can think of is blessed. I was blessed to see my kids so happy and content over something so simple like mom taking them swimming.  Another thing I noticed was, the whole time we were out there, there was NO sun AT ALL! I’m serious, NO SUN! The sky was overcast and there was a nice breeze!  Still hot but who’s complaining…not this girl!  Can you say, “HALLELUJAH!!”

I guess God hooked me up with weather I can tolerate for taking these kiddos swimming!