To Whom It May Concern,

Sexual sin has been exposed. My heart is saddened at the people that it has latched itself to. The families that it is destroying is heartbreaking. This spirit is nothing you want to mess around with.

It’s vicious. It spreads like wild fire.
It’s a family breaker, a purity taker, and a robber of all joy.

It gives you temporary pleasures, but long term side affects. One moment with this nasty sin leaves you feeling so low and shameful. Its condemnation runs deep. It entangles itself with guilt and self hatred, causing you to want to run and hide; to Stay in the dark because the light is just too painful to be around.

It’s a reminder of what you have done.

Darkness is safer, less agonizing. But no matter how long you are there-in the darkness- the painful feeling in your heart and soul is still as strong as ever. You start to get deeper and deeper in darkness to try and hide your true feelings, to numb the pain that is eating you up inside, only to leave you in a much worse state because now you’re doing other things to give you temporary relief from this monster that you’ve unleashed- this unbearable pain that you feel.

Everything in you wants to run back to where you once were-in the Light-but fear, guilt, and shame scream at you so loudly that you shrink back to your dark little corner of hopelessness.

You’re drowning in self hatred. You want relief, but feel as though you don’t deserve it. This is what you deserve for the stupid choices that you’ve made. You see the damage that you caused to everyone that you love. You think the answer is death, but you’re too fearful to follow through with it.

Suddenly, you remember what life was like before-and love breaks through the heavy cloud of darkness hovering over you!


Somehow you’re brave enough to reach your hand out to Him…to call out His name for help.
He hears you and reaches out for you to come back to the Light and away from the darkness that has been like a cocoon surrounding you… Suffocating you.
You cautiously take your first step towards Him. You’re still unsure because satan is shouting things at you causing confusion. He’s angry and trying to discourage you from going any further to the One who is truth. But this time his lies and old tactics aren’t working.

You have a sudden desire to run to the One who is calling out to you! The One who died for you.


He embraces you in his arms, protecting you from the evil one, who wants to destroy your life.

Jesus has come to save you from the iniquity of your sins! He wants to restore & redeem what Satan tried to devour.

Jesus is the healer of the broken hearted, yes, even you, the one who willingly made these horrific choices. The one who willingly turned your back on him and betrayed him. The one who willingly cashed everything in for a moment of weakness.

He died for you, even in your sin. He’s able and willing to forgive you.

Accept his love. Receive his forgiveness. Cling to him like never before.

God’s love for you is so unfathomable. He is a God of Mercy & forgiveness and grace & second chances. His love will never make you feel dirty or ashamed.

Conviction, yes, but never condemnation.

Let the peace and forgiveness of God wash you clean from the inside out. Then you’ll begin to see all the filth be replaced with goodness. Let these dry bones come to life!
Don’t getting distracted with what other people may say or think about you. None of that matters, bc God is a Redeemer & Restorer. He will restore your dignity & self worth; Your happiness & joy. You will sing a new song of hope and forgiveness. Just stay looking forward on the straight and narrow path and don’t look back! Rebuke the devil and his lies. Use this time to draw near to God like never before.. To really get to know Him as the loving Father that He is.

Be an encourager. Build people up. Hate sin and compromise and all worldly things. Call sin out for what it is. Be a voice of truth in this world of lies and deceit.

Before you know it, you’ll look back at this season of your life wondering if all these things really happened. It will be unbelievable bc of all that God is going to do in and through your life. All of this will feel surreal. You’ll see the scar, but it will no longer be bleeding and painful. It will be completly healed. You’ll be able to touch it without flinching back bc of the excruciating pain.

You’ll remember the pain-but love and redemption will be what heals.

The scar will always be a reminder to hate sin and to never forget the power of forgiveness that was willingly given to you.

“The devil does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. But Jesus comes to give life, and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

3 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern,”

  1. Amen this is powerful and so true!!! There are many who can relate! Thank you JESUS for the power of forgiveness, his redeeming love and pulling me out of my own sin 19 yrs ago and for continuing to give me strength to over come temptation! Thank you friend for posting love you! ❤

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