Recap of 2017

5 Jan

Hello there, blog friends! I’m hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year with family and friends. Here’s a recap of 2017 since I hardly got on here. January: Quality time with the fam. A group of us from church took a trip to Chinle, AZ before going to Prescott Conference. Prescott with my love. Jordyn was the White Witch for The Chronicals of Narnia theatre production. February: Went to Chetumal, MX for revival. Celebrated 18 years of marriage at Mahahual, MX. Gorgeous. March: Jeremiah turned 17. First ever El Paso Conference. April: Our first Harvester’s Homecoming. Jordyn went to Houston while hubby did revival there. Mother’s Day with mom and grandma. …and with Cha… Jordyn Was Ed the Hyena at her Lion King theatre production. May: Grilled some fajitas with this girl! In Dallas with dad. June: 24th Annual S. Texas Believer’s Boot camp. Tuscan Conference. Pitstop in El Paso on our way home from Tuscon. They went to Brazil with dad! July: Hung out with my little sister. Went surfing for the first time in Santa Monica, CA. Walking around Venice Beach. August: California. First time seeing an old convert of ours when we pioneered in Madera, CA. Her and her son drove 4 hours to see us. Jeremiah turned 40! Surprise visit to El Paso…met some great friends! They climbed a mountain. September: Quality time with Cha. Hubby preached in Guam & Palau. My niece turned 1! Mom passed away…last pic we took together on her bday in July. October: Got announced to Kochi, India! She dressed up as the DI and dad is the boot. Bo was a beanie baby. November: Cousins trying to look cute! These totally fit their personalities! Jeremiah went on invasion team to S. Africa and stopped in England for a few hours. December: In Houston with my man. I’ve served God with these girls since I was 18 years old. So grateful I got to spend my 39th bday worshiping God alongside them. (12/24) One of the MANY Christmas pics we took. It doesn’t get any easier when ur kids get older! Jordyn played the role of Mary in our Christmas musical. Christmas day! It snowed on New Year’s Eve! There you have it, a small glimpse of what our year was like! I know this year is going to be full of new experiences for all of us. I will try my hardest to keep y’all in the loop with our India adventures! Keep my family in ur prayers! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you would like to receive alerts when I post something!


Choose wisely, my dear.

2 Sep

It’s been long…way too long since I’ve been on here. But you already should be used to my lack of blogging, since I’ve made such a bad habit of it. Sad, i know. Forgive me? 

Anywho, I’ve had a certain topic On my mind for a while now and i thought I’d pour my heart out and hopefully encourage my fellow Single brother’s and sister’s, especially church kids, out there on the topic of dating, within the church. (our fellowship, in particular)
I started thinking of this because a lot of our church kids are growing up into beautiful young ladies and handsome young men and i couldn’t help but notice That they’re noticing it about eachother, too.  

I don’t want this post to be a list of do’s and dont’s That u must follow while dating as far as dating clean goes, because for the most part that’s already been established. If not, talk to your parents and/or pastor. They’ll be more than glad to help you understand & explain the importance of That. 

My question to you is what is it that you’re looking for?

First, I’d like to share my dating experience in the church…

 My husband & i dated clean. Our first touch, kiss, hug, hand holding was on February 7, 1999, the day we said “i do”. I had just turned 20 and he was 21.  We honored God and each other. We encouraged each other. We challenged each other spiritually. Neither one of us had Christian parents or family to help guide us through this. We had our pastor and other couples In the church, our own personal convictions, and God’s grace. We were one of the first couples to meet at church, date, and have a Jesus people wedding! 

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I remember our pastor had a singles class and he had us write down what we’re looking for in a future spouse. I wish i still had My list, but i remember the first thing i had on that piece of paper was he needed my pastor’s approval to date me. It was a must... especially since i didn’t have a father to put some fear in him! Hehe 

And then of course, the obvious, he had to be saved & on fire for God, faithful to regular church services, as well as every function the Church had. He had to have a good testimony in&out of church and be a servant. I didn’t want a lazy man, so he needed to have a good decent job & vehicle. I didn’t want a carnal one either. I knew that Jeremiah had a calling on his life so i knew if this was gonna work out, i had to make decisions as a single girl to prepare me to be the help meet that he would one day need. Another thing i noticed was that he was a man of integrity & Godly character. This is something that tends to be overlooked sometimes. No, he wasn’t perfect. Yes, he made mistakes. But he had, and still does have, a heart after God’s. And that right there is what drew me to him. 

Because honestly, i wasn’t looking to date anyone and i definitely had no interest in a white guy. (That’s another story, which i think in one of my older posts i explain all of that.)

Hey! I’m just being honest here! 

Listen y’all, Godly Character is much more important than Charm and/or beauty. The bible says that charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeing. If a guy/girl shows you more charm than good character, I would reevaluate some things. If they lack some things that are important to you like maybe they aren’t tithing, not going to morning prayer or prayer before church,  not attending bible studies, or outreach etc, then these are things to consider. For us, this was a no brainer. Being faithful to church was a given. 

Let me add something else here, if y’all don’t have your dad’s and/or your pastor’s approval- let it go. It’s not worth it. More than likely, they either know something or sense something that isn’t quite right with them. Just trust them and God. I totally understand this b/c our pastor told Jeremiah to wait on pursuing me bc i was only saved 3 months when, as he puts it, “God whispered your name in my ear on my way home from Atlanta.” I’m so grateful for my pastor and our standard of waiting at least 6 months to date bc I needed some more time…lots more time… to grow spiritually, to change my way of thinking, etc. Come on y’all, i was a very clueless new Convert! I knew absolutely nothing about the gospel, much less about  dating clean, I was your typical raw Convert. Anyway, you don’t ever want to rush or force a relationship into existence. It’s not smart and it’s not spiritually healthy for either of you. 

Don’t think that they’ll change once you’re married, because if they ain’t doing it now, they won’t do it then. 

I have one too many friends who’ve ignored red flags while dating, hoping&praying that things will change once they marry. And guess what? Most of them haven’t changed one bit for the better, and i see my dear friends still hoping & praying that things will change, that their spouses will lead their family spiritually, be better with their money, etc. So please, don’t ignore any red flags that you may see, because once you’re married- it’s for life.

You can trust God with your future. 

He knows exactly who & what you need in a spouse. And he will tell you when it’s time. Do not awaken love before its time, it’ll happen, I promise, and when it does it will be worth the wait. So worth it! Dating clean doesn’t guarantee a problem free marriage. It just eliminates so much unnecessary drama to your life & to your future family. 

I came into the church as a very lonely, used broken hearted 18 year old girl. I had plenty of experience In the world and a lit of baggage. I’m not happy About any of it, but what i am happy about is that God pulled me out of that mess, cleaned me up inside & out, and gave me a fresh start at life. 

Maybe you’re not a “church kid”per se, but you came into the church with a past- Jesus can&wants to bless you. He can & He will if you surrender your life & will to Him.

To all the church kids out there- please wait on God! Don’t rush anything. Don’t awaken love before its time, and when it is time, pay attention to their character. Ask yourself are they making me want to get closer to God or are they pulling me away from Him? Do my parents approve? Is it b/c they’re cute & I’m flatterd? Try to see past their charm & beauty, although those are important, it’s just not the most important!

Gentlemen, if you want a woman of God, then shouldn’t you strive to be a man of God?
Ladies, if you want a man  God, then shouldn’t you strive to be a woman of God?

To my kids, this is especially for you. You’ve had the privilege of growing up so differently then dad & i. We did all of this to be right & pure before Jesus, yes, but also, we did it for you. So please don’t take it for granted. Fight for purity & righteousness. Fight for modesty & Godly character. Fight for the things of God. And fight to stay pure for your future spouse, just as we’re praying they’re doing the same for you. 

Dating isn’t a one size fits all thing, so choose wisely, my dear…choose wisely.

The day we said, “I do.” 18 years ago. 🙂 

Long time no See

27 Apr

Hello, it’s me! I’ve been unintentionally MIA for almost a year now. I don’t know why I stopped blogging, i just did. I stopped cold turkey…no warning, no reasons, i just stopped.  Maybe because everytime I’d get on my laptop to type, nothing would come to mind, like serious writer’s block, and i got discouraged then the busyness of life kicks in and before you know it…

….i put blogging on the back burner. 

Anyway, I’M BACK…at least i think i am!! LOL

Let’s see if i can give a quick update on what’s been going on in my neck of the woods lately…hmmmmmm…

Jeremiah got his license back in November! I have to admit, at first i was so nervous to let him drive anywhere outside of a 15 mile radius of our house without me or my hubby with him. But with my hubby out evangelizing so much, i would have to be the one with him in the car, and that wasn’t a good thing, because i was always so nervous & constantly telling him to slow down, You’re too close to the car, you didn’t do this or that or…. Oh my Gosh! It wasn’t until Josh finally told me that Jeremiah’s driving is terrible when I’m in the car b/c i make him so nervous! That was when i realized that i had to let him drive…alone…without his mama… That took a lot for this mama bear to do. I had to let my little baby..ahem, my 17 yr old baby, go out into the world of driving, all on his own. I had to learn that even though he’s only 17, he’s growing into a young man….almost an adult. He’s proven himself to be responsible and trustworthy, and I’m happy to say that although I’m still nervous to be In the car when he’s driving, he’s a really good driver. 

Now he just needs his own car! But he ain’t got no shame driving my mini van!! Lol

Jordyn has been staying busy with theatre and school. This month she’ll be playing Ed the Hyena & a lioness in The Lion King Musical! 

Josh is starting his own Pooper Scooper & dog washing business! He’s so excited! I’m praying this works out for him, because he needs something to do with his spare time, plus he could use the extra money because…….

This summer Josh& Jordyn are going with my hubby to BRAZIL and Little Jeremiah is going to S. Africa in November on a missions trip with our church! 

It’s so amazing to me to see my kids do things and go places that i never did growing up. Before i got saved, i rarely left a certain area in Austin, much less go over seas with my dad! (i didn’t even have a dad growing up!) 

Another cool thing that’s happened during my hiatus is that we celebrated our 18 yr anniversary in Feb! We celebrated in Chetumal, MX and Mahahual, Mx.

We had a blast! Mahahual is a beautiful place to visit!

Well…hopefully I’ll be on here more often! 
One last thing, Jordyn started a YouTube channel called The Spunky Magpie. We’re limiting her video upload so you might not see much activity there, but when you do, i know you’ll enjoy!She’s also starting a Blog: It’s not up&going yet, but it will be soon.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Truth or Reality?

28 Jul

I woke up this with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. You know, where something just doesn’t feel right? Within seconds, fear gripped my heart and with that came a flood of memories of things…sins…that i have done in the past. Shameful things. Sins that i have been forgiven for long ago. Things that I’ve shared in my testimony many times, for many years, of what God has delivered me from, in hopes of encouraging at least one person in the crowd. Why is it that i woke up feeling so dirty, so shameful…so scared? Scared of all the “what if’s & what could’ve been’s.” You know how our mind works…pretty fast. And in my situation this morning, it was all over the place in a matter of seconds! I thought of different seasons in my life and decisions that I made during that time all in a matter of seconds…seconds! That’s just crazy! 

Once i snapped myself back to reality, and saw my now 14 yr old daughter sleeping next to me, i realized what was going on. 

But I had to ask myself if I’ve opened any doors to sin. No. Have i talked to anyone from my past that might have triggered the memories? No. 

The only thing that came to mind is that it was a fiery dart from hell trying to distract & discourage me. 

Distract me from taking my eyes off of what is truth to what is a lie.By even for just a few seconds, taking my eyes off of Jesus.

Discourage me by trying to suck me back into that moment of fear&regret. By making me feel so unworthy of forgiveness and grace and mercy and Christ’s unending love.

Immediately, I got up and prayed. I started thanking God for delivering&for setting me free from all of my dirty sins and dumb decisions. I began to worship & praise Him for everything He has done for me & for everything He has blessed me with. The devil wanted me to wallow in self pity & condemnation. But I turned it around and glorified God. 

We can’t change our past, so why dwell on it? All of what i was reminded of this morning is all true, but not reality. These are all echoes from my past. Echoes that Satan, The father of lies, tries to throw at us. 

“The thief does not come except to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus comes so that we have life more abundantly.” John 10:10

Remember we have to take every thought captive. (2Cor 10:5) Rebuke the lies of the enemy. Always, always, always be prayed up and Put on the whole armor of God. (Eph 6:10-18)


On a lighter note, Jeremiah & Jordyn are both taking a college class at our local community college and will be getting dual credit for it. 

Jeremiah has his driver’s learners permit!

Jordyn turned 14 yesterday! We made her breakfast and brownies. 

On Monday, my hubby took her to Fiesta Texas and ended the day by giving her a purity ring! 

Joshua has been enjoying his summer just hanging out with the dogs! 

…and dressing up as a cow for free food!


My heart is full!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Life As I Know It

26 Apr

Wow…time sure has been picking up speed lately!

It seems that Life for us has been an adventure lately. We’ve done quite a bit of traveling, which has been fun, but I have to admit, I love being in the comfort of my home.

Back in March, our church took 50 people to Chinle,  AZ for a 4 day invasion team. We had an awesome time in the Navajo Nation!




The week before Chinle,  my hubby surprised me with a flight to Cancun, MX to be with him there while he preached! He was in Sri Lanka and India for, I think 9 days,  before he flew to Chetumal, MX then to Cancun.  We really didn’t have much time together between trips, so this was a nice surprise! 


I flew in on a Wednesday night, but I didn’t see him until Thursday afternoon, because he was in Chetumal, MX  finishing up a revival.  The picture above is where I first met up with him in Cancun, which explains the cheesy smiles! 




We prayed for one of the tour guides who took us snorkeling. (Above pic)





Many lives were touched during this revival.  There’s more to Cancun than the vacation spot that is advertised.  There are people who are desperate for change in their lives,  who want truth,  who want healing,  who want hope & restoration.  Thankfully, we have a family in that city who have responded to the call of God, and are faithfully sharing Christ’s love.



Another thing that happened in March is that Jeremiah turned 16!


We’re really proud of him.  He’s maturing in a lot of areas.  One is in his relationship with Jesus, which is amazing to see.  The other is with his education.  He’s really stepping up his game in both of these areas. A couple of weeks ago, both him&Jordyn took a TSI Assessment through our local community college. If they pass, they’re able to be in the Dual credit program they have.  With lots of prayer&practicing…they both PASSED! We Are beyond proud of them!  My husband told Jeremiah if he passes the assessment then we’ll enroll him in driving school.  So guess what I did yesterday?  Yup, he is paid and ready to start driving school on Monday! 

Remember earlier when I said time seems to be picking up speed?  This is one of the reasons why I say that! 

Although it blows my mind that I’ll have a 16 year old with a driver’s license, I know it’s going to make my life a little easier in the future.

Last weekend, me and 2 of my close friends went on another road trip to Chinle, AZ for a wedding. Tatiana arranged for us to go horseback riding the afternoon that we arrived. 



Okay,  so I’m not the most adventurous person,  nor have I ever been on a horse without the owner next to me guiding it. So this was a huge thing for me to do. For the most part my horse, who I named Gene Winter, was pretty calm and obedient.  Until one of the other one’s started galloping and he decided he’d better follow in their lead and gallop right along with them.  Nope, I wasn’t down with that!  Scared the bageebers out of me,  to say the least! Tat & Claire had a blast laughing at me, while they were on their beasts
galloping along the canyon, without a care in the world!! All the while,  I’m on mine screaming for it to stop galloping and slow down, as I hold on for dear life! It was a sight to see, that’s for sure!  Tatiana captured a picture of me that pretty much explains how I felt about all of this! My face says it all!



It started to rain towards the end of our ride, which was about 2 hours long.  The longest 2 hours of my life!!! But we finally made it back safe and sound and SORE!!!  We were walking like old ladies for the next few days. We had so much fun laughing at ourselves and each other, it was great!

It was pretty cold in Chinle that weekend , there was some snow in the mountains….and mud!


The wedding was so beautiful! The bride and groom both gave amazing testimonies on what God has done in their lives as young adults saving themselves for each other. The bride made a commitment to Christ at a young age that she will serve Him, no matter what life throws her way. 




I have to say,  this was one of the most beautiful Jesus people weddings I’ve attended in a very long time. In Christ,  it’s possible to date clean and save yourself for marriage. Don’t buy the lie that’s is old fashioned or impossible to do.  With Christ, All things are possible!

February 2016

1 Mar

February seemed to be a very busy month for us.  But we somehow fit a daddy daughter date in and I flew out to Colorado to be with the hubby for a few days.

We decided a few months ago that Jeremiah was going to take Jordyn out to dinner and surprise her with a special gift, which was a beautiful heart shaped necklace with a diamond right in the middle. I’m sure she’s going to blog about it soon, so I won’t give all the details away.  But I will show you a picture! 



We knew that Jeremiah was gonna be gone a lot more than being home this month,so we planned for me to meet him in Colorado for a few days.  Since he wasn’t here for our 17 year anniversary on the 7th or Valentine’s Day, this was a perfect idea! He booked my flight months ago, but can anyone tell me why he picked a 6:05 am departure??? Man, that was torture to have to be at the airport by 4 am! If anyone knows me, you know that I am not a morning person! I was a zombie that whole entire day.


Between the early morning,  jet lag,  and the time difference, which was only an hour, I was no good. Oh,  and I stayed at my SIL house so she can take me to the airport, and we were up talking until about 2:30 am! So yeah,  rough 1st day in Colorado,  too say the least! With a little nap and a cup of coffee,  I was able to catch my 2nd wind and we met up with some friends for dinner and a concert that night.  Let me clarify something,  this was actually my first time meeting her in person!  We met when I had an IG account. I knew once I made my decision to let go of IG, that she was one of the  people That I met on there who I wanted to stay in touch with…and I am so glad I did!  Despite my exhaustion, we had a great time getting to know each other, while eating Indian food.


After dinner, we went to a bluegrass concert and saw The Barefoot Movement.  I really didn’t know what to expect being that this isn’t my type of music.  I mean,  bluegrass, really?  I don’t know how Jeremiah found out about them, but I was impressed.  They’re a young band of 4, super cute and extremely talented in music and voice. I think I can speak on behalf of us all to say  that we really enjoyed their concert.  Thank God for husband’s who think outside the box!

The next day, we hung out in Boulder and walked around Pearl Street.  That evening, we drove up to the mountain to try and watch the sunset. We were actually chasing  the sun!  This is what we got:






Isn’t that so beautiful?? These pictures don’t even do it justice, but it’s still breathtaking! 

If you ever have a chance to go to Denver,  you have to go shop down town.  I forgot what they call it, but it’s a whole strip of different shops and department stores. Kinda like an outlet mall but in downtown Denver. We went during the day, but I hear that it can get a little crazy at night.  But I will give you a heads up,  the Denver Airport is MASSIVE!  The security checkpoint is never ending,  and you have to get on a train to take you to the departure gates.  All you have to do is follow someone who looks like they know where they’re going and make sure you look like you know where you’re going,too!  That’s what I did, ha! I didn’t give any signs that I was scared out of my mind!  No one knew that it was my first time flying all by myself.  Nope,  i have waaaay too much pride to let that happen!  I looked like I was some sort of world traveler or something!  But that’s our little secret!  (Wink)

My trip went by so fast.  3 days was not nearly enough time to spend with him, but I’m so glad that I at least had that. Because once he was done with his revival there in Denver, he flew to Sri Lanka and now he’s in India.

Since January, he’s been gone a lot and I’m having to get used to living life without him here.  We’re going into our 3rd month, and I think I can say that me & the kids are finally getting into a routine…sorta.  All I know is that I need to find a hobby that doesn’t include me sitting on my bum reading! Because I KNOW I’ve gained a few pounds…I can feel it. But I have been busy with the kids.  Little Jeremiah goes street preaching with the guys on Tuesday nights,  Jordyn is now in drama team and they meet on Thursday nights. Plus she’s in theatre and they’re home school classes are Monday’s & Thursday mornings …we stay pretty around busy here. For those of you who have called or text to see how we’re handling this new life…Yeah,  I think we’re doing pretty good! I’m so grateful that my kids are older and they’re more of a help to me then anything. I guess all those spankings they got when they were little are paying off!  I don’t have rebellious disrespectful kids! 🙂 We actually enjoy each others company…for the most part!


Since February is Black History Month, we’ve been doing extra activities that pertain to that. We watched the movies Glory and Woodlawn, and had great discussions on them both.  Jeremiah read To Kill A Mockingbird.  Jordyn read All Things New by Lynn Austin. Joshua read The Red Badge of Courage. I also had them pick someone to learn about and to do a project on.

Joshua made a poster on Harriet Tubman.


Jordyn made a poster on Misty Copeland. 


And Jeremiah did a power point on Malcolm X.

To finish off our month of Black History learning,  we went to a Baptist Church on Sunday morning, who was honoring their oldest member, Big Mama. She turns 101 years old in March. What makes Big Mama special to us isn’t only the fact that she’s lived almost 101 years,  but she’s one of my best friend’s grandmother.  When I found out about this service, I knew I wanted to take my kids. We had the honor of meeting Big Mama and we even got to hear her sing a song with her two daughters. Just in the few minutes that I talked with her,  I can tell she is spunky and full of life&personality. Can you believe she lives in my subdivision!? I’m hoping to spend an afternoon with her one day, just to hear her story.  She doesn’t look like she’s 100 years old, does she!? (Jeremiah was home sick, just in case you’re wondering! )


That’s it for now…Thanks for stopping by! 

We’re All Chasing Something

6 Feb

A few months ago, I bought a book for Jordyn called, The Chase by Kyle & Kelsey Kupeky.  I wanted to read it first because it’s about trusting God with your happily ever after,  and I needed to make sure it was aligned with our standards on the  topic of dating,  courting, etc., before I let her get her hands on it. I was pretty pleased with it, aside from some minor things that we as a family have decided to steer away from, but nothing that took away from the point of the book.

So basically the book is their story on what it was like trying to serve God as a teenager/young adult and be set apart from this world in high school and college. It’s their own personal testimony on how they both grew up in Christian homes, they both attended church & youth group regularly, and what they both struggled with when it came to what& who they were, and/or weren’t chasing. They were both very transparent on what they struggled with. Kelsey told her stories and gave her advice from a girl’s point of view, while Kyle gave his from a guy’s point of view. I really liked that he did that because it gives the young readers a little insight on what guys really think about certain topics. There main point is encouraging the youth to chase God.

I started thinking about that: to chase God.  Our youth aren’t the only one’s who struggle with that. It’s in all of us.  We’ve all struggled from time to time in chasing the wrong things or people. We live in a generation that is yearning for love.  They are searching and giving anything to taste and feel love. They are chasing the things of this world in hopes to find love, but only to be left with heartache. It portrays sex as love. Sex isn’t love, and it surely doesn’t fill that void you’re looking for. It does the opposite…leaves you feeling even more empty than you were before.

So what I did was, I bought all the girls in our teenage bible study a copy of The Chase. I bought a box of conversation hearts Candy and found a cute printable on Pinterest about God’s conversation and tied it all together.

Like this:


I’ll be giving these to the girls tonight! 

Chasing the world always leads you so empty, so broken, so lost.  It takes you farther than you wanna go and lasts longer than you ever planned on staying. Sure, at first it seems cool and fun, but that’s temporary. Before you know it, you find yourself deeper and deeper in a hole, with nothing but broken dreams, broken promises,  and a broken shattered heart.

Chasing God is so much more fulfilling and satisfying and permanent. His love for us never fails.  He loves us like no one in this world could ever love us! He fills us with an everlasting joy and peace. He leaves you feeling worthy and whole, and He keeps His promises. He died for you!

We’re all chasing something.  Who or what are you chasing?

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8