3 Mar

Once upon a time, there was a young lovely girl who always dreamed of marrying a young handsome prince and Have beautiful children of their own some day.

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How’s your heart?

7 Feb

Happy February y’all!

I love Everything about February…The hearts that are displayed everywhere you go…roses & banners of love…splashes of reds & pinks…chocolate covered strawberries…v-day cards & goodies… Continue reading

Recap of 2017

5 Jan

Hello there, blog friends! I’m hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year with family and friends. Here’s a recap of 2017 since I hardly got on here. Continue reading

Choose wisely, my dear.

2 Sep

It’s been long…way too long since I’ve been on here. But you already should be used to my lack of blogging, since I’ve made such a bad habit of it. Sad, i know. Forgive me?¬† Continue reading

Long time no See

27 Apr

Hello, it’s me! I’ve been unintentionally MIA for almost a year now. I don’t know why I stopped blogging, i just did. I stopped cold turkey…no warning, no reasons, i just stopped. ¬†Maybe because everytime I’d get on my laptop to type, nothing would come to mind, like serious writer’s block, and i got discouraged then the busyness of life kicks in and before you know it… Continue reading

Truth or Reality?

28 Jul

I woke up this with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. You know, where something just doesn’t feel right? Within seconds, fear gripped my heart and with that came a flood of memories of things…sins…that i have done in the past. Shameful things. Continue reading

Life As I Know It

26 Apr

Wow…time sure has been picking up speed lately!

It seems that Life for us has been an adventure lately. We’ve done quite a bit of traveling, which has been fun, but I have to admit, I love being in the comfort of my home. Continue reading